Incident Response Planning

Prepare your response and communications in the event of a cyber attack or data breach
Our solution has been developed by a consultant who established and led the
Incident Communications team at one of the UK’s largest financial services providers


❖ Senior management prepared and ready to respond to a cyber attack or data breach

❖ Written and tested cyber security playbooks in place and ready to go

❖ Template press releases and documented responses to questions readily available

❖ Executives rehearsed in dealing with press and regulator queries

❖ Regulators can see evidence that you are prepared to manage a crisis and have a plan in place

❖ Access to expertise and knowledge honed at GCHQ, Price Waterhouse and Swiss banks

❖ Protect your reputation, the value of your brand and the trust of your customers

Why do this?

There is a legal requirement to report a data breach to the ICO within 72 hours of discovery, whilst dealing with:

❖ A high degree of uncertainty

❖ A fast-moving attack, with no quick fix

❖ A major impact on all aspects of your business

❖ The emotional impact and reaction

❖ The regulatory and official reaction

❖ The technical complexity

Data Protection law states that organisations must implement an effective incident response plan to contain any damage in the event of a data breach

Incident Response Planning

❖ Understanding and awareness of the various cyber security and data breach scenarios and risks

❖ Provision of planning workshops, template documents, playbooks and “war game” rehearsals

❖ Support and guidance on setting up an incident communications team, with defined roles and responsibilities that enable a swift response to threats and challenges

❖ Development of a tailored communications plan that is consistent, professional and effective in managing employees, customers, the media and regulators


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