Data Protection E-Learning

Why do this?

Updating internal procedures and documentation to address the GDPR, is a step in the right direction. However, businesses cannot afford to miss a key legal requirement – the need to make all staff who handle personal data aware of the regulation and their responsibilities.  There is an inherent and wide spread people risk in data protection (whether accidental or deliberate) and businesses need to cover the hearts and minds of all their staff.

Should a data breach occur with subsequent investigation, can the MD/CEO attest and evidence that all staff were made aware?  The ICO has suggested that online training is the most effective way of doing this – a brief GDPR memo from management will not prove sufficient.


Why us?

Our online training is time and cost efficient and offers excellent awareness training that benefits everyone at a fundamental level. Moreover, it provides assurance that should a data breach and investigation happen, there is adequate evidence that training was given – satisfying a legal requirement of the GDPR and reducing the risk of non-compliance.  Full details provided below…

“It was great to find an affordable and easy solution to train the necessary staff here at Rosslyn Park FC – it has really helped take the GDPR headache away and finally we all understand what’s expected of us! Thank you LMC!”

– Cori Pinkus, Clubhouse and Events Manager – Rosslyn Park FC

“The best value e-learning option I’ve found so far to satisfy our GDPR legal requirement to make staff aware of their responsibilities… and provide evidence they have been trained.”

– Richard Buck, Director – Creation Recruitment


£25 +VAT per user (based on a minimum of 5 users)

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This course reduces your organisation’s risk of non-compliance, by providing foundation-level training to all your staff, with a certificate of completion for each staff member


❖ Staff will quickly understand the requirements of the GDPR including how to recognise personal data and handle it securely

❖ Satisfies the legal requirement to make all staff aware of their responsibilities, with evidence that they have been trained

❖ Delivered in plain, non-technical language. Engaging and easy to understand

❖ E-learning is quick, affordable and effective in delivering consistent and repeatable training to multiple learners, who can go at their own pace

❖ Web-delivered, so no travel costs and no time away from the office

Course Contents

❖ An introduction to the GDPR

❖ Definition of the key data protection roles

❖ Scope of the GDPR

▪ Personal and sensitive data

❖ The GDPR principles

▪ The six principles for the collection and processing of personal information

▪ Accountability

❖ GDPR application

▪ Collecting and processing personal data

▪ Requesting personal data

▪ Minors and consent

▪ Data breach reporting

Target Audience

❖ The course is for all employees who handle personal data, such as sales staff, receptionists, recruitment consultants, customer support staff, teachers, nurses, childminders, travel agents, charity volunteers and call centre staff


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