Cyber Security Assessment

Understand your vulnerabilities and know how to resolve them

Protect the information that matters, and the reputation of your business


❖ Understand your vulnerabilities and risks – across your people, processes and technology

❖ Know what needs to be done to address them

❖ Access expertise practised and honed at GCHQ, Price Waterhouse and Swiss banks

❖ Be empowered to improve the security of your systems and networks, and the information carried on them

❖ Understand the practical steps required to reduce people and process-related risks

❖ Protect your reputation, your brand and the value of your company

What is it?

❖ A risk assessment to highlight your vulnerabilities

❖ A clear and simple report, written in plain English, with practical advice on how to resolve the issues, close the gaps and manage the risks

❖ Our Cyber Security Assessment is based on the “10 Steps to Cyber Security” – the UK Government’s recommended approach to cyber security

❖ Our solution has been developed by a consultant who worked with GCHQ (UK Military Intelligence) to define and implement the information security strategy

Cyber Security Assessment

❖ Understand what you should be doing to reduce the risk of data breach and ransomware attack



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The “10 Steps to Cyber Security ” is the UK Government’s recommended approach to reduce the risk of a successful cyber attack by 80%.  The 10 Steps are:

  1. Information Risk Management Regime – Establish an effective governance structure and determine your risk appetite
  2. Secure Configuration
  3. Network Security
  4. Managing User Privileges
  5. User Education and Awareness – Maintain the Board’s engagement with cyber risk
  6. Incident Management
  7. Malware Prevention
  8. Monitoring
  9. Removable Media Controls – Produce supporting information risk management policies
  10. Home and Mobile working