London Management Consulting

Helping businesses stay secure, compliant and resilient in today’s fast-changing environment.

With cybercrime on the increase and the skills to tackle it at a premium, we provide businesses with resources, knowledge and expertise. Our team has years of practical experience working as experts and leaders in world-class organisations such as PwC, Swiss banks, GCHQ, Cisco and Intel.

Our team comprises cyber security practitioners, risk managers and trainers. We can identify the gaps in your defences and deliver bespoke solutions.

Our products and services cover the full range of issues businesses face: People, Reputation, Technology, Process, Legal and Regulatory.

Established in 2013, we have delivered timely and cost-effective solutions to more than 120 SMEs in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands plus:

  • Global Banks: Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Pharmaceutical: GlaxoSmithKline
  • Global Technology: Kingston Technology
  • Publisher: Reed Elsevier

Your Needs – Our Approach

We provide comprehensive risk assessments, gap analysis tools and consultancy to help businesses identify vulnerabilities and understand how best to address them.

We offer both e-learning and expert classroom training to cover topics such as cyber security and data protection, including how to respond to a data breach or subject access request. We can also provide bespoke training and workshops.

We deliver resilience solutions to businesses with gaps in their data protection and cyber security defences. This includes expertise of a partner-level lawyer, IT solutions, monitoring tools and recruitment support.